Naturopaths provide advanced Biopuncture Therapy, Surrey BC

Biopuncture Therapy, Surrey BC

Biopuncture therapy is emerging from Europe utilizing very dilute injections of natural products which are introduced into the skin or muscle to stimulate the immune system. Instead of just covering up the symptoms, the injections promote the natural healing ability of the body by attracting the immune system to the site for repair.  Watch the video below to learn more.

Biopuncture Therapy Surrey BC

Biopuncture Therapy Surrey BC

What conditions are typically treated with biopuncture therapy?

The common factor is pain and inflammation, be that in a soft tissue or joint or in the lining of the respiratory or gastrointestinal tract.  Each of these tissues has nerves that become chronically inflamed and cells secret chemicals that initiate and maintain pain and inflammation.

  • Musculoskeletal problems:
    • Sprains and strains, joint pain, tendonitis, back and neck pain, mild to moderate arthritis
    • Medical problems:
      • Asthma, hay fever, allergies, IBS, migraine headaches, PMS, Menopause, fibromyalgia

What is injected?

The two most commonly injected products are ultra-low doses of mainly medicinal plant and mineral-based products and/or glucose. The plant and mineral derived formulas were introduced in Germany in the 1930s. Currently, more than 100 million injectable vials are used per year throughout Europe, United States, and Canada.

Who can use Biopuncture Therapy in Surrey BC?

Biopuncture therapy is a great treatment for those people who have tried conventional medicine but have had no success, for those who have had to stop conventional treatments due to side effects, or for those who prefer alternative therapies to treat injuries. You can also use Biopuncture therapy in conjunction with existing treatments if you prefer.

When is Biopuncture therapy not appropriate?

While a very effective natural therapy, Biopuncture used by itself is not appropriate for serious or life threatening illnesses or disorders. It is also not appropriate for depression or other mental disorder, if you are needle phobic or your immune system is impaired.

Video Interview on Biopuncture Therapy in Surrey BC:

Doctor Robert Davis discussing Biopuncture – 2011

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