Finding “Routine” Again After The Holidays And Coping With Holiday Stress In Surrey BC

Coping With Holiday Stress In Surrey BC

You survived the Holidays – great!  So all the holiday stress is over, right?  Wrong.  There is actually a medically defined condition called Post Holiday Stress Disorder (PHSD), which is used to describe the coping with holiday stress.  But don’t get too excited – it’s not likely to warrant a doctor’s note to stay home from work.

There is a reason the Holidays come just once a year – we need 365 days to recover!  After the parties, the drinking, the food, the late nights, and yes – the bills.  It’s difficult to now coax our bodies back into a routine and normal schedule.  To make it seem worse, many of us have made New Years resolutions that give us a bit of extra pressure and make coping with holiday stress that much harder.

Coping With Holiday Stress In Surrey BC

Coping With Holiday Stress In Surrey BC

So what do we do?

  1.  Studies show that those suffering from PHSD can benefit from increased social interactions.  Stay connected with friends and recreation groups during the next few months.
  2. People who also suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) will also benefit from regular bright light exposure, particularly fluorescent lighting.
  3. Setting realistic expectations (especially with those New Years goals), staying active and mobile, and a return to a healthier diet are all ways to help beat post holiday stress.

Clinic note:  It’s a seasonal observation for us at Legacies that many patients do find it difficult finding routine again post-holidays.  We see this when re-scheduling appointments: many do not know their schedules and will opt to phone in once they know.  The only problem is that once they do call in, they are disappointed to discover that they can’t get the appointment time they want because the clinic is so busy.  Our clinic is currently looking at expanding both space and services, but until then, we encourage patients to schedule appointments 2-3 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.  Your health and recovery are our top priority, and we too do not want to see a disruption in your treatment schedule.

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