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Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

If you work hard and play hard, your muscles can experience a lot of wear and tear. Although it can be easy to ignore a few muscle aches and pains, neglecting muscle strains might lead to sport’s injuries if left untreated. Luckily, when you have a regular deep tissue muscle massage, you can treat your sore, aching muscles and feel totally pampered.


So what makes a deep tissue muscle massage different from an ordinary back rub? When you come in to Legacies Health Centre, Registered Massage Therapists work to decrease tension in muscles, tendons and connective tissues. This type of severe strain and tension can weaken the body and limit mobility. Once treated, your body will feel more flexible and pain is reduced. This allows your mind to get back in the game, and your body to be less prone to accidents caused by muscle strain or weakness.


Is having deep tissue muscle massage right for you? You do not have to be an athlete in order to have a deep tissue massage. In fact, many people who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety or blood pressure problems can also benefit from this type of treatment, which can lower blood pressure and relieve stress. A deep tissue massage can be part of your regular relaxation routine or a great complement to your other medical treatments.


If you have a lot of muscle strain and tension in your body, toxins can build up and can make you feel unwell over time. Having regular deep tissue massages can release the toxins from your lymphatic system, which will promote better health and wellness and keep your muscles strong and flexible. Make sure to let your massage therapist know about any health problems, diseases or chronic conditions that you have before having a deep tissue massage. This will help your practitioner customize your treatments to give you the best outcome possible.


If you think your body and mind could benefit from deep tissue muscle massage, schedule an appointment with one of our Registered Massage Therapists today! Call Legacies Health Centre at (604) 591-5569 or start a virtual consultation to get started!

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