Get Active, Get Fit!

One step at a time.

As winter hibernation for some is slowly coming to an end, many of us are looking towards spring and summer with a burning question: “How will I get fit?”.  As with most things, it starts with that first step!  Fitness is a choice, and making that choice to start a more active lifestyle is actually not only the first step, but the biggest one to make.

Most of us understand the importance of being active, and having fitness as part of our daily routine – the logic is not the problem.  But when it comes time to put that knowledge into ACTION – that’s where we stumble.  Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy, and we take on too much too soon – leading to feeling overwhelmed and eventually just giving up.

As you might have guessed, the best fitness plan is one that builds gradually, and starts with a manageable goal that you can do consistently.  If you’re just beginning, choose something extremely easy to start with, instead of shooting

Make it easy on yourself!

for the stars.  For example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work.  Or parking a block away from work each day, so that you get 2 short walks/day no matter what.  When was the last time you took your dog for a walk?  What if you did sit-ups, push-ups, or stretches every commercial break during your favorite TV show? … Getting the idea?

Start waking-up your body out of that winter hibernation, and soon you’ll find yourself going for those long walks, bike rides, gym sessions, or whatever your fitness choice is and it won’t feel so daunting.  Get active, get fit!  Make that choice and put it into ACTION.  I think I hear your favorite TV show starting…  Start today!

Check out these stretch videos from Legacies that you can do at work or at home!

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