How do I stretch out my hamstrings?

How do I stretch out my hamstrings? This is a common question for new walkers or runners we see at our Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Clinic.  If you have just begun walking or running as a new form of exercise, it is also likely a question you would like an answer for!  Maintaining and improving flexibility while you are building strength and endurance in a fitness program is essential for optimal performance and preventing injury.  The right stretches for the right muscles is key.  The following 4 minute video produced by our therapists helps guide you through basic stretches for walkers and runners:

[pro-player type=’video’ image=’/multimedia/posts/how-do-i-stretch-out-my-hamstrings/how-do-i-stretch-out-my-hamstrings.jpg’][/pro-player]

Tip:  Use your mobile device/phone to guide you through the stretches before and after each walk or run!

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