If the Canucks win the Stanley Cup…

Canucks win the Stanley Cup!!

If the Canucks win the Stanley Cup…  what would you do?  How would you feel?  Of course I’m assuming you are like us and you’re a crazy Canuck hockey fan, and not cheering for those other guys!  If the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, what would be your reaction?  Jump up and down?  Hug a complete stranger?  Tears of joy?  Honk your horn?  To sum it up: you’d feel pretty good, right?

In fact, if the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, your brain may be subject to some self-induced chemical changes!  I’m talking about the “happy hormones” such as the neurotransmitter Serotonin and even endorphins that may be released from such a positive experience.  You’ll feel pretty good – and you would be less aware of pain during this state.  This is a simple but important concept to remember during a recovery where pain is a factor:  Creating a mental and emotional state that is positive and uplifting will help manage your pain.

Its your choice to win it!

Now unfortunately it can’t be that the Canucks win the Stanley Cup every day, but try to surround yourself with positive people, experiences, and environments and you can achieve a similar effect.  It can be as easy as choosing to watch a Comedy vs. a Drama movie.  Choose to go for a walk vs. sitting on the couch watching the news.  It’s not always easy when you’re in pain, but it does start with a choice. Look at our Canucks – they don’t give-up and they keep moving forward, one win after another.  If you are tired of living in pain, visit our Massage Therapy & Chiropractic Clinic today.  We can help! Go ‘nucks Go!

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