Integrated Multi-disciplinary Approach Wins

An integrated multidisciplinary approach to your health is a new and emerging trend in healthcare around the world, and at the heart of Legacies Health Centre.  Simply said, different therapies working together are better than just a single professional providing treatment.  Studies show that when patients choose a treatment course that includes a team of professionals working together, that they improve greater and at a lower cost compared to a single profession approach (American Journal of Orthopsychiatry).

At LEGACIES, we work together to find solutions for our patients, and get faster results.  A faster result means you pay less out of pocket.

teamwork“It makes sense to work as a team.  We (the different professionals) went to school and studied a very specific health profession’s approach to treating injury and illness.  But when we step back, you have to realize that there are many ways to treat the same condition.  No matter what your profession, we all have the same goal: to get the patient better as soon as possible.   At our clinic, we recognize that we all come to work with different tools and tricks of our trade.  When we communicate openly together, with the patient’s goal of getting better as our main focus, we realize that as a team we can often better help the patient.  This is what we try to do each day at LEGACIES.”

Adryon Hutton, Co-owner & RMT at LEGACIES

Lowering the patient cost continues to be an area LEGACIES excels at, by third-party direct billing insurers, and now recently billing more extended medical plans than ever.  Check-out our services, programs, discounts, and third-party billings at the facility in Surrey, BC.