Kinesio Tape: How it works…

Kinesio Tape: How it works… At our Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Clinic, kinesio tape is just one of the modalities we can use for treatment. A relatively new product, kinesio tape (or kin-tape) is a very lightweight, stretchy, hypoallergenic product with some great applications. Kin-tape has been scientifically proven to increase lymphatic and blood circulation to the immediate areas over which are taped. This physiological response to the tape assists healing, and can greatly accelerate the recovery from deep bruising. The “stretchability” of the tape allows the skilled practitioner to use it to correct posture, or to apply compression to protect a joint or soft-tissue. The following photos show a recent laceration to the hand that took 7 stitches to close. The vulnerability of this wound on the hand would normally limit much movement. Kin-tape was applied at our clinic the day after injury (gauze barrier between the tape and wound), adding compression and soft-tissue protection. The tape allows the wound to breath easily, and the compression helps control swelling. This patient was able to return to regular duties as a firefighter within 3 days post-injury with the tape. The stitches will be removed after 7 – 10 days, and there will be no further limitations.

Watch for our further BLOG posts, where we will highlight the benefits of kin-tape and acute pain management.

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