Neck Injuries

Neck Injuries

Neck pain can feel debilitating and can cause you to have trouble carrying out your normal daily routines. The truth is, neck pain is really common, and can happen as a result of poor posture, sleeping problems or neck injuries from accidents. Although taking pain medication might cover up the pain in your neck, it will not treat the underlying inflammation and injury that is actually causing the pain. Luckily, regular chiropractic treatments can help treat your neck pain naturally, and is a great option for people who suffer from chronic neck discomfort.

Neck injuries are no joke. If your neck hurts after an accident, you might have damaged nerves, muscles, discs and ligaments that could worsen if left untreated. Using chiropractic treatments to complement your other medical care may help your injuries heal faster and can dramatically relieve pain by reducing inflammation around the vertebrate and cartilage in your neck. This means that you can return to your regular activity more quickly, with less pain and more mobility.

When you visit Legacies Health Centre, a licensed chiropractor will examine and evaluate your neck and spine to assess your condition, and will know exactly which adjustments and treatments you will need in order to relieve your neck pain. Make sure to let your chiropractor know about any health conditions you have and if you have been in any recent accidents. Certain conditions do not always show up on X-rays, MRIs or CT scans, such as whiplash, but can be effectively treated by your chiropractor once a diagnosis has been made.

Do your neck problems prevent you from staying as active as you would like? Reduce the pain and inflammation caused by neck injuries by scheduling an appointment with one of our Registered Massage Therapists today! Call Legacies Health Centre at (604) 591-5569 or start a virtual consultation to get started!

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