Online Booking: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I cannot log-in using Option 1.  Your log-in details need to be exactly what was given to Legacies Health Centre.  Please call the clinic and confirm your log-in details.  Please note that for security reasons, we will not send this information by email.
  2. I cannot view Option 1 on my mobile phone.  Not all mobile platforms allow you to use online booking.  If you are experiencing difficulties, please use a desktop computer.
  3. In Option 1, my “usual therapist” is not who I usually see.  How can I change this?  The program currently does not let you change this.  Please call the clinic and we can change this for you. *However, if you see multiple practitioners you will need to use Option2.
  4. I want to book a different treatment length in Option 1.  This is currently not an option when booking using Option1.  Please use Option2 and specify the treatment length in the “message” tab.
  5. How can I book for multiple therapists?  You cannot book for multiple therapists using Option1.  You can however use Option2.
  6. How can I book future appointments for more than two weeks out?  This is not currently available in Option1, but you can do this in Option2.
  7. I made a booking mistake, and want to cancel the appointment I booked.  Please either call the clinic or send an email to to cancel your appointment.  Please note that the 24 hrs Cancellation Policy also applies to Online Bookings.  If you call within an hour of making the appointment, we will waive the fee.
  8. How can I see the appointments I have booked?  In Option1, go to “Appointments” -> View “Future”.  Here you will see appointments “pending” until they have been confirmed.  Please note that appointments are not confirmed until a receptionist at the clinic has sent you a confirmation email.

Helpful Tips

  1. When in doubt, just call the clinic at 604-591-5569 and we will gladly confirm and book your appointments.
  2. Whether you book using Option1 or Option2, you appointments are only confirmed through a reply email.  Please watch for these.