Recovery Strategies for Post-exercise or an Event

Recovery Strategies for Post-exercise or Event

A good recovery program will be planned and integrated as an essential part of the training program.  It will address components of physical, psychological, and emotional stressors.  The recovery program should be adapted to the individual, and should be multi-dimensional and adaptive to the environment you are in.  Together with good physical and mental health, the Recovery Program will promote your optimal performance.

Below is an example of a Recovery Program (adapted from Calder et al) that you can adapt to your Training.  Notice the variety of techniques, and that the recovery lasts much longer than the traditional “cool down” phase of a work-out.


First 5 Minutes

  • Move lightly for 3-5 min.
  • Rehydrate.
  • Eat & drink carbohydrates & protein 4:1 ratio with high glycemic index carbs.
  • Stretch.

15 – 20 Minutes

  • Hydrotherapy modalities to control/prevent injury.
  • Massage for recovery and injury management.
  • Continue to Hydrate

Recovery Massage

Within the First Hour

  • Continue to refuel (mixed Carbs & Protein)
  • Debrief performance with coach.
  • Begin to “unwind” using relaxation strategies.

Later that Evening

  • Relax as appropriate (TV, movie, read, socialize, massage, whirlpool/bath)
  • Continue to rehydrate and refuel as necessary.

Before Bed

  • Use relaxation skills to “switch-off”.
  • Follow usual sleep guidelines

Pool Running

Next Day

  • Active recovery session (walk, light cycle, pool).
  • Record key indicators.

If you require more assistance, do not hesitate to contact our clinic to create a Recovery Program adapted to your individual and sports-specific needs.  We also provide Recovery Massage Therapy treatments, by highly skilled RMTs.

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