Acupuncture and Managing Pain

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Pain is the body’s warning alarm. It tells you something is wrong. If you ignore your body’s alarm, severe problems can form.

How Traditional Chinese Medicine understands Pain:

Qi (our vital energy) and Blood flow through the meridian system, nourishing and protecting body tissues and helping them maintain their functions. When the flow of Qi and Blood is blocked or stagnant in the meridians, pain and illness result. A Qi and Blood blockage can show for example as bruising or swelling of the tissue, or as stiff, sore muscles.
Qi stagnation in the joints produces arthritis pain, TMJ pain, neck and back pain, etc. Internal blockages can produce many symptoms and kinds of pain, including headaches, sore throat, chest pain, stomach pain, menstrual pain, sciatic and nerve pain. Furthermore emotions like anger, anxiety or depression can damage the free flow of Qi and Blood and are responsible for all kinds of pain.

How Acupuncture can help:

Acupuncture is the principal treatment modality employed by Chinese medicine practitioners through the insertion of fine needles on specific points to break up blockages and promote the free flow of Qi and Blood.

“If there is free flow, there is no pain;
If there is no free flow, there is pain.

(Old Chinese saying)

How the flow of Qi and Blood becomes stagnated and causes pain:

1. An external invasion of pathogens such as of wind, cold, dampness or heat may invade the body causing pain. If our defensive Qi or immune system is weak we become more susceptible to external invasions through the pores of our skin.

2. The Qi and blood can stagnate due to trauma (i.e. lifting, repetitive strain over time, an accident or similar sprain).

3. There may be an insufficiency of Qi or blood creating a sluggishness or stagnation of flow throughout the meridians. This is an internal cause or weakness with a number of possible etiologies such as:

  • Poor diet, insufficient rest coupled with too much activity or overwork, overuse of drugs, chronic illness, heredity weakness, an excess of emotions, and general aging as our Qi is naturally declining. 

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