Deep Tissue Massage

Tissue Massage is a commonly used term when referring to a style of massage therapy techniques. It often refers to a variety of compression, kneading, and stretching techniques to muscles and connective tissues. These techniques are used when musculo-skeletal dysfunction has affected layers of tissue that are deep in nature. Often Deep Tissue Massage is used with athletes and sport-related injuries as well as general muscular aches and strains caused by everyday activities, such as gardening, working, and household duties.

With athletes, Deep Tissue Massage is specific and specialized form of massage commonly used before, during, and after athletic events. The purpose of the Deep Tissue Massage is to enhance overall performance, by increasing circulation to the muscles and tendons, decrease swelling, reduce muscle tension, prevent fatigue, and enhance the warm-up or warm-down processes.

The greatest misconception with Deep Tissue Massage is that it can treat any muscle dysfunction. It is important to remember that Deep Tissue Massage is treating the deep muscle and connective tissue. Therefore, if a muscular problem exists that is of the superficial tissue, Deep Tissue Massage would not by its nature be targeting that tissue, and would not be a valid choice of treatment.

At legacy health centre & Chiropractic in Surrey, where we provide registered massage therapy and chiropractics, all our practitioners are trained in assessing and treating musculo-skeletal injuries. When indicated, Deep Tissue Massage techniques may be used to assist recovery or enhance performance.

The benefits to Deep Tissue Massage can be tremendous. In addition to decreasing pain, Deep Tissue Massage can increase lymphatic and blood circulation, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, improve tissue flexibility, and increase body awareness. Deep Tissue Massage can also be included with pre-event, post-event and maintenance techniques that enhance performance and decrease the likeliness of injury and a reduced recovery period from exertion.

If you are a hard working athlete or think you may have a deep tissue strain, it may be beneficial for you to seek the advice of one of our practitioners to discuss if Deep Tissue Massage is right for you.

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