Proper Sitting Posture

As modern technology steadily increases, so does the time we spend at a desk in front of a computer. So it comes as no surprise that more Canadians are suffering from neck and back pain. In many instances, this pain is caused by improper posture.

How am I supposed to sit?
Head: Facing straight ahead, your computer should be adjusted so you are looking down slightly at the screen.

Neck: Should be directly over shoulders – do not slouch it forward and down.

Shoulders: Shoulder blades should be down and back and relaxed.

Arms: Adjust your chair to ensure that your elbows are bent at 90º and resting at your sides. If you have armrests, adjust them so that they slightly lift your arms at the shoulders to take stress off of the neck and shoulders.

Low Back: Keep in a neutral tilt. In other words, it should be in a comfortable position between an arched back and slouched low back. A lumbar roll is ideal to use to keep lower back comfortable and ergonomically correct.

Legs & Feet: Legs should be resting comfortably on the chair with knees bent 90º. If your feet do not reach the ground, use a stable footrest so that your feet are flat on the surface. You should be able to slide your finders easily under your thighs and place your fist between your calf and the seat of your chair.

Lumbar Rolls
Using a lumbar roll is an easy, inexpensive way to support your lower back while sitting for long periods of time. These lightweight devices can be used in your car, office workstation, at home, or anywhere else you sit for long periods of time. They have been proven to be effective with relieving back pain secondary to certain disc and other spine problems. You can ask your therapist to order one from our wholesale distributor.