Acupuncture Clinic

Healing and Restorative Acupuncture: Surrey, BC

We’re proud to now offer the medical service of registered acupuncture in Surrey, BC. Existing for over 2000 years, acupuncture therapy has its origins in China and is the most widely used form of medicine in the world with acupuncture clinics on a global scale. It consists of placing ultra-thin needles on various points on the body to help redirect the flow of blood and energy. This ancient philosophy states that pain and disease occur in areas where blood and energy stagnate. When acupuncture points are stimulated, it helps to unblock these areas and resolve pain, prevent disease, and restore the balance of the body.

The registered acupuncturist at Legacies Health Centre predominantly sees patients where pain persists (becomes chronic) for various reasons. This can also be a very effective form of treatment when other forms of therapy have failed.

Direct Billing of Insurance Providers When You See an Acupuncturist

Our highly qualified acupuncture therapists are registered healthcare professionals, allowing services to be covered as a medical expense with most extended medical plans and insurances. For the convenience of our clients, we offer flexible billing options and are able to directly bill third-party insurance companies including MSP, RCMP, Veteran Affairs (DVA), and Extended Medical Plans whenever possible. This means that you never have to spend a penny for your visit to our acupuncture clinic. We’re dedicated to your health and that includes eliminating the anxiety of payments.

Common Conditions Acupuncture Therapy Can Effectively Treat

  • Chronic or Acute Pain
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Insomnia
  • Addictive Habits
  • Nausea
  • Digestive Problems
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Palliative Pain

What to Expect from a Surrey Acupuncture Clinic Visit at Legacies Health Centre

First, you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire. Next, your acupuncture therapist will take a medical history and complete an assessment. This is important for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan that may include recommendations for cold laser therapy, kinesiology, massage, naturopathic care, or chiropractic services.

The registered acupuncture treatment itself involves using extremely thin, medical grade, sterile and disposable acupuncture needles. There is actually sometimes no perception of the needle, and most people describe a small, light pinch where the needle is used. This is however much less of a “prick” sensation felt when getting an injection since these acupuncture needles are very thin.

The acupuncturist is continually assessing your comfort, and you will never be put into a situation you deem uncomfortable. Although using acupuncture needles is a typical part of the treatment, it may not necessarily be all that is involved. The acupuncturist may use a technique called “cupping” for specific circulatory reasons, and will give homecare advice ranging from exercise to lifestyle changes and recommendations.

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