ICBC Active Rehab

Licensed Kinesiologists for ICBC Rehab: Surrey, BC

The Legacies Health Centre facility has a large and spacious private kinesiology gym/studio. Kinesiology exercise therapy is provided by our licensed and highly-skilled kinesiologists who have practiced in the communities of Surrey and Delta for many years.

Kinesiology is the study of physical activity and its impact on health, society, and quality of life. A kinesiologist is a graduate of a university Bachelor’s program in Human Kinetics.  At Legacies Health Centre, we utilize this expertise by providing sport-specific strength and conditioning programs (sports kinesiology), personal fitness programs, and a primary focus on ICBC post-motor-vehicle-accident (post-MVA) rehabilitation.

Direct Electronic Billing of ICBC Active Rehab Kinesiology at Legacies Health Centre, Surrey BC

Regaining strength, flexibility, and function after a traumatic car accident is usually the final component needed for a successful recovery.  We offer ICBC-approved kinesiology exercise therapy programs where you will work one-on-one with a kinesiologist in specialized post-injury rehabilitation. Our programs are cross-culturally sensitive and involve counseling and education to promote a healthy lifestyle of incorporating regular exercise.  Other insurance providers, besides ICBC, that we can directly and electronically bill include WorkSafe BC (WCB), MSP, RCMP, and Veteran Affairs (DVA).

Kinesiologists Help a Wide Variety of Conditions

  • Nervous system disorders
  • Nutrition deficiencies
  • Stress
  • Muscle problems
  • Behavioral difficulties

What to Expect from a Kinesiologist at Legacies Health Centre, Surrey

Please dress comfortably for exercise. Loose clothing such as sweatpants or track pants and a T-shirt is preferred. Bring a change of shoes (runners, sneakers, or gym shoes) and athletic socks. We also recommend that you bring a sweat towel and water bottle. There is filtered water on location.

You will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire upon arrival, and the kinesiologist will complete a verbal health history with you, including the reason you are seeking assistance. Next, a physical ability assessment will be conducted to help determine areas to focus on and to create a personalized kinesiology therapy program.

Typical training sessions last approximately an hour and will usually include a warmup session, flexibility, strengthening, core stability, and functional movement integration exercises. However, each program is 100% individualized and will be specific to your health and needs.

As your kinesiology therapy sessions progress and you become competent with your program, you will be encouraged to independently exercise either at home or a gym. This is usually a very rewarding point in your recovery as you are now taking control of your health. Assessment of your progress is always ongoing, and your kinesiologist will work with you and your other healthcare providers to ensure a successful recovery. Any required medical reports to referring physicians are standard practice for us, and never a problem. You may also be advised to seek services from an acupuncturist, cold laser therapist, naturopath, massage therapist, or chiropractor if beneficial for your health.

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