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Legacies Health Centre – Orthotics

Orthotics are provided by our Doctors of Chiropractic, who have advanced education in the health and function of the foot. We offer orthotics and basic foot care solutions and corrections.  Evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and intervention plans to all age groups is provided.  Outsourcing orthotic fabrications to the best foot labs; we provide an outstanding end product.
Legacies Orthotics

Did You Know?

Did you know that a custom orthotic can sometimes be an integral solution for correcting mechanical problems with the foot, knee, hip, or low back?  Legacies Health Centre is proud to be able to offer this highly skilled and specialized medical service.

We are committed to exceptional professional foot care for our patients, at the highest standard possible. Every doctor is well-versed in the health and function of the foot, and must complete comprehensive education before they are able to prescribe orthotics.

At Legacies Health Centre, we offer orthotics and basic care solutions to help correct a variety of mechanical dysfunctions of the foot. The doctor will provide evaluation, diagnosis, treatment plans, and intervention to people of all age groups.

Cost Coverage

As a recognized viable choice to foot health, Chiropractic Care is often completely or partially covered through Extended Medical Plans, ICBC, MSP, WCB, and Veterans Affairs.
Consultations may be made at Legacies Health Centre for complex foot problems, but may be rescheduled at another allied health facility, with the same foot care specialist, when specialized equipment or surgery is required.

Legacies OrthoticsWhat to Expect:

Please bring to the appointment your commonly worn foot ware (shoes, work boots, sport foot-ware, etc), along with any existing orthotics or foot aids you may be currently be using.

The doctor will use a total foot care approach when recommending strategies that may include solutions to lifestyle, mobility and overall health conditions. Sharing of expertise will assist in making an informed choice about the health of your feet.

If orthotics are recommended, the doctor will typically use either a plaster casting method, or a foam impression method, which are both completely painless. The molds from your foot will be used to create an orthotic in a highly specialized lab. You will be required to return for a fitting and any final adjustment that may be required to the orthotic, which are performed in-office.

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Legacies Orthotics

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