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“It’s my mission to help patients achieve their optimal body weight in a healthy sustainable manner.”

Dr. Asal Shalviri, ND  in Surrey Delta BC at Legacies Health Centre

weight loss surreyWeight loss and achieving optimal health

There are many different paths to weight loss. While some are healthier than others, most weight-loss plans either don’t work or offer only minor, usually temporary, benefits. There are plenty of “rules and counting” diets, diet drugs, high-protein programs, canned shakes, and other fads that might enable you to lose some weight for a period of time. The problem that all these diet programs share is that you can’t stay on them forever.

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work?

When a macronutrient (carbohydrate, protein or fat) is withheld, the body reacts by going into starvation mode. In this mode, the body alters its metabolism in order to produce sugar, the only nutrient used by the brain for energy. In mild starvation, a state induced by fad diets, the body breaks down muscle tissue in addition to fat in order to liberate amino acids, which are then converted to sugar. Thus, mild starvation leads to the depletion of muscle and not only fat.

When you are off the diet, the body reacts by storing all the nutrients it can, in order to recuperate from the starvation. The weight lost as a result of the breakdown of muscle and fat, will be regained by the body as only fat tissue since muscle tissue only can be gained through weight bearing exercise.

Healthy weight loss isn’t just about a “diet” or “program”. It’s about an ongoing lifestyle that includes long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits. Weight management doctors are here to help.

My weight loss program is designed to help you change your eating habits and teach you to eat in such a way that you can comfortably sustain for a lifetime.”

This diet plan and recipes are designed for everybody and those who have failed to lose the desired weight on other plans. Following dietary advise from a doctor of weight loss, you will achieve remarkable results, regardless of your experience elsewhere. Since this diet is an anti-inflammatory diet, many patients also experience improvement in their symptoms of high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes and fibromyalgia to name a few. You don’t need to be severely obese or ill to benefit from this program. Even if you need to lose only ten to twenty pounds, this program can help you lose the extra weight that you don’t need to carry. This program will help you change your eating habits and live longer and healthier.

After eight weeks, you will find the physiology of your body changing so significantly that you will never be the same. You will lose most of your craving to overeat, and you your craving for sugar. After completing this program, you will feel so much better, and you will see such remarkable weight loss results that it will be difficult to ever go back to your former way of eating. Since a basic comprehensive detox program is very helpful with weight loss, we start this program with one week of detoxification.

 Link between toxins and weight gain

As long as the liver keep functioning at a maximum capacity and isn’t overloaded with toxins, it remains body’s main fat-burning organ. Research published in the international journal of Obesity indicates that liver toxicity can often lead to excess body fat accumulation. Toxins are primarily stored in fat and organ tissue and disrupt neurotransmitters, hormones and energy production and often lead to weight gain and difficulty losing weight. Obesity is almost always associated with toxicity.

The weight loss program that we offer at our weight loss clinic combines:

  • Meal plans and recipes using whole, natural foods
  • Supplements for detoxifications and support
  • Weekly counseling support
  • Weekly acupuncture
  • Regular weigh-ins, measuring hip and waist size and BIA test.

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