Stretching Exercises for Computer Users : Part 1

Stretching Exercises for Computer Users : Part 1 In this first Blog post, we will look at simple and effective ways to decrease neck, shoulder, and upper back strain from poor posture associated with working at a computer work-station.  Lets face it: computers have changed our world as we know it – and our bodies too!  The average office employee will spend over 6 hours of their day at a computer-station.  The posture of sitting, and the constant movement of the head scanning from the monitor screen to desk material or sometimes customers can easily develop neck and back tension, headaches, shoulder pain, and often a “head-forward posture”.  Data entry using the keyboard and mouse can cause repetitive strain in the wrists, forearm, and especially the right shoulder.  Factors such as answering phones, chair support and height, keyboard and mouse placement, monitor height, and overall orientation at the workstation will all affect the body.

But lets tackle one problem at a time.  You’re probably reading this post because you have symptoms of repetitive strain from your computer station.  The following video outlines some simple yet effective posture corrections and stretches that you can do at your desk.  Start with these simple exercises, and you will be well on your way to alleviating that shoulder, neck, or back pain.  If you suffer from ongoing headaches, or lasting pain from computer work, seek the professional advice and treatment of a Registered Massage Therapist or Doctor of Chiropractic.

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Watch for our further Blog posts on Ergonomic advice and Injury Prevention for the Computer User.

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