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Best Surrey Physiotherapy

  • Vestibular Rehab
  • Sports Therapy & Rehab
  • Personalized active exercise programs
  • Manual & manipulative therapy
  • Post-surgical Rehab
  • IMS (Intra Muscular Stimulation)
  • Strength & conditioning including core stabilization
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Injury Prevention

Physiotherapy is AVAILABLE at both Nordel & Southpoint Clinics.

Why LEGACIES’ Surrey Physio? Simply put, quality and results! Trusted by our community, Legacies’ Surrey physiotherapists have become the leaders in orthopaedic and sports therapy with a focus on best-practice methods that get results. Legacies Health Centre has a long-standing reputation in the communities of Delta and Surrey for quality care that gets results. We currently have 2 locations to better serve you: Nordel and Southpoint.The Best Surrey Physio Money Can Buy

Our Surrey physiotherapists are hands-on and provide careful assessment of physical issues. Physiotherapists (also known as “physical therapists”) treat disabilities, injuries and some illnesses using their expert knowledge of the body’s structure. We use high quality testing and measurement tools and our physiotherapists are dedicated to keeping up with new research in the field.

  • Trusted by community & medical physicians
  • State-of-the-art Facility
  • Highly Experienced Surrey Physiotherapists
  • IMS, Shockwave Therapy, and more
  • Highest Level of Service at the Lowest Cost

With Surrey physiotherapy, we treat orthopaedic injuries of the musical-skeletal system of the body. This can be the result of the strains and pains of daily living, sports injury, a car accident, or disease.

Experience Our Exceptional Surrey Physio, Sports Therapy and More

The Best Surrey Physio Money Can BuyIn addition to Surrey physiotherapists, our team also consists of massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, cold laser practitioners, naturopaths, shockwave therapists, and weight loss specialists. We are experts in solutions for enhancing performance, recovering from injury and relieving pain, and specializing in working with rehabilitation related to ICBC claims. For the convenience of our clients, we directly bill insurance providers and offer a full range of affordable payment options.

Since 2006, Legacies Health Centre has proudly been the official choice of the CFL BC Lions. With regular clientele consisting of not only elite athletes from a wide variety of sports but also celebrities. Legacies Health Centre has a diverse team of licensed healthcare practitioners who effectively work together to provide exceptional care and the latest treatment options at a new state-of-the-art facility and equipment.

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