Want to know what a real pain in the neck is?

Want to know what a real pain in the neck is? Try too much texting on your mobile device.  Or read a book for a few hours in bed.  Sit at your computer, slouched forwards for hours on end.  Or maybe you commute on a bus, and fall asleep or try to study.  And if you’re older, maybe you have degeneration in the spine or arthritis?  Now there’s a real pain in the neck!

A real pain in the neck!

But what do all these have in common? A change in good posture for one. When the spine is challenged outside of a “neutral” position for prolonged periods, tension in the muscles build. This tension can easily lead to pain, and often headaches.

But what is even worse is when these postural habits occur over and over, day after day. Now there is a pattern of tension, and this pattern creates changes in the spine leading to long-term disabilities such as degenerative joint/disc disease and osteoarthritis.

But there is a key to preventing this, which I mention a little later here…

What’s also alarming are the statistics:

  • only 40% of people recover fully from neck pain of unknown origin
  • 30% remain to have ongoing mild symptoms
  • and 30% will continue to have major symptoms.

Even in whiplash, a common yet complex neck injury, only 60% recover fully within 3 months of injury.  So what is the key to overcoming neck pain?

slouched vs “neutral” spine

Well if you haven’t guessed yet, the first key is: to understand what is causing the pain.  Some neck pain is of a really complex origin, and have many tissues involved such as nerves, joints, and muscle tissue.  In those cases, diagnostic imaging and further assessment and diagnosis are required by a medical professional.

However, many people suffer neck pain of a simple nature. If you can identify postures that lead to your neck pain, you’re halfway there! The next step may be as simple as changing your posture, and then to ultimately change habits.

If this blog post spoke to you, but you feel you need more assistance in overcoming neck pain, please do not hesitate to call our clinic.  Massage therapy and chiropractic care can be part of the solution.

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