Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Did you know 95% of all dieters couldn’t keep weight off for more than a year? The most common type of diet failure is a low-calorie diet (800-1100 calorie diet), otherwise known as a “starvation diet”. These diets are difficult for your body in the long-run, and simply are not sustainable. Many programs advertise the fast results, but in the end the yo-yo effect can actually cause you to gain more weight than when you started – leaving you defeated and unmotivated.

Dr. Shalviri, naturopathic physician at Legacies Health Centre, has developed a weight-loss program based on scientific research and creates proven long-lasting results. So what’s the secret? How can people in her program lose 20 lbs and keep it off year after year? Here are a few of the secrets revealed:

naturopath1. Dr. Shalviri’s program is NOT a starvation diet. You get the calories your body needs, and reduce the calories you don’t need. But you will be surprised at just how much you do get to eat and how satisfied you feel. No stomach grumbling because you’re not starving yourself!
2. You make all your meals with food you buy at the common grocery. Other programs that have you buy their meals and mix their shakes are not helping you create lifestyle habits – they are making you dependent and lazy! Dr. Shalviri gives you simple recipes that you make in your kitchen, with new ones each week. Simple to make, you’ll find your family also starts eating better too!
3. Through bio-chemical blood lab-analysis, Dr. Shalviri is able to identify hypersensitivities and inflammatory reactions you might have to certain foods. By removing these from your diet your digestive system works better – less gas and bloating, and better overall nutritional absorption and function.
4. Dr. Shalviri follows-up with her patient’s every week. This accountability keeps you on-track. Having someone check-in with you greatly increases your chances of success. By doing this, Dr. Shalviri can also measure and adjust the program specifically to your individual health.

By applying these principles to a guided weight-loss program, a lifestyle change will occur and the results become life-long. Dr. Shalviri’s goal is to assist you over 8-weeks, to create this lifestyle change, and then that’s it! No annual life-long memberships – because in just 8-weeks you can learn the tools to keep the weight-off permanently. In fact, with this lifestyle change, follow-up with patients shows continued weight-loss year after year that is gradual and appropriate.

dr asal shalviri*Dr.Shalviri is a Naturopathic Physician specializing in weight-loss, digestive function, and hypersensitivities. Her work in the field of weight-loss has been published and featured in Women’s Health magazine, Men’s Health magazine, the Vancouver Sun, and ABC News to name just a few. Dr. Shalviri is the 2016 Consumer’s Choice Award winner for Naturopathic Services in Greater Vancouver, and practices at Legacies Health Centre in Surrey BC.