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Sports Kinesiology and ICBC-Approved Kinesiology Therapy: White Rock, BC Facility with a Large Kinesiology Gym

Kinesiologist: Vancouver, BCDue to our exceptional level of service, Legacies Health Centre has been the official choice of the BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps since 2006. We regularly see elite athletes and celebrities as well as rehabilitation claims from ICBC and WorkSafeBC. Clients choose Legacies Health Centre because of our diverse team of healthcare professionals who specialize in recovering from injury, relieving pain and enhancing performance. For your convenience, we are able to directly bill insurance providers and we offer a range of affordable payment options.

Our new state-of-the-art facility has a spacious private kinesiology gym so that we can provide the highest standard of White Rock kinesiology therapy that involves personal fitness, strength and conditioning for sports, and rehabilitation after a motor vehicle accident. The kinesiology therapy programs at Legacies Health Centre are ICBC approved and cross culturally sensitive. Clients work one-on-one with a White Rock kinesiologist specialized in post-injury rehabilitation to help you fully recover after a traumatic car accident so that you get your strength, flexibility and function back. Kinesiology clients also receive counseling to promote a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise.

The Well-Known White Rock Kinesiologists, Fit Body Athletics & Rehabilitation, Have Made Their Home at Legacies Health Centre

Kinesiology Therapy: Vancouver, BCA kinesiologist holds a university Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics after the specialized study of physical activity and human movement. As part of a team of licensed healthcare practitioners, the White Rock sports kinesiology therapists and kinesiologists at Legacies Health Centre effectively work together with doctors of chiropractic, acupuncturists, registered massage therapists, cold laser therapists and naturopathic doctors. The team prides itself on providing exceptional care and the latest treatment options.

When you meet a White Rock kinesiologist at Legacies Health Centre, he or she will:

  • Have you fill out a medical questionnaire.
  • Interview you to understand your health history.
  • Evaluate your physical ability to determine which parts of your body to focus on.
  • Create a personalized kinesiology therapy program.
  • Conduct a 1-hour training session including time to warm up, strengthening, core stability, flexibility and functional movement integration exercises designed for your needs and body.
  • Continually assess your progress.
  • Recommend registered acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic care, naturopathic services or cold laser therapy when appropriate.
  • Communicate with any other healthcare providers who are working with you.
  • Assist with a gradual transition to independent exercise as the kinesiology therapy sessions lead to recovery.

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